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January 2008



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Jan. 27th, 2008


95 baby!

I just hit my 95th sale. That is pretty gosh darn exciting if you ask me. I listed my first item back in February of last year. It would totally rock my socks if I got to 100 before the end of this February. I remember when i listed that first item and I thought to myself, I'll be happy with one sale a month. hehehehehehe! *doing the happy, happy, joy, joy, dance*

Jan. 21st, 2008


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

or so says good old Henry David Thoreau. I remember back in junior year of high school (oh about 13 years ago or so!) we had to read some excerpts from Walden. If only the real world could be so simple. What is my dream anyway? Well on the personal side of things everything is running along quite smoothly. However professionally I feel like a hamster in an exercise wheel. I've been doing the same thing for eight years! Eight years! And the only way to move up is to go get another degree. Back in my days as an undergraduate student I knew deep down in the bones of my soul that someday I would go back and work all the way up to getting my doctorate. However, student loans are a royal burr in the booty. Sure there are programs that pay for part of getting an advanced degree, but I don't want to do the jobs those programs lead to. I want to do something else. So apart from selling blood or letting people give me experimental medication and see how I react there is really no choice but to take out another loan. Problem is my other half doesn't grasp why this is such a necessary venture. He thinks I am meant to stay where I am but move to maybe another location. No! No! No! No! I love the little spot I've carved out for myself in the world. I just want to move to a different kind of spot not the spot next door. So here I am wanting with every thought I think to try to follow that dream, but I can't. I don't walk this world alone and I do have bills to pay. I should be happy that I allow myself the frivolity of my little artistic endeavors. Because the stars know those will never help pay the bills. Should I really do something that will make a hard financial situation even worse? Oh HDT, if only you knew what we would deal with to try to make those dreams happen would you of written such a verse?

Jan. 20th, 2008

be nice

So I guess I should have some clay pictures eh?

Here's what i got going on for valentine's day. I don't like to wear hearts so normally it's hard for me to come up with stuff, but I was inspired by candy. What more need I say?

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Do I really need another blog?

apparently so.  I decided to go ahead and start using my livejournal account just for rambling.  My blogger blog is the one that I use to try and promote my clay work.  There have been times that I wanted to post about something but decided that it didn't really fit the tone of the blog.  So this journal is going to be just that a journal. 

Right now I'm procrastinating.   I don't feel like working on stuff for my "real job" and I don't feel like working on stuff for my job that keeps me sane, the polymer clay store.  I just feel like doing nothing.  Might have a little to do with the fact that I spent 9 hours in the car driving yesterday.  I had yet another baby shower to go to.  I've decided that when the hubby and I finally decide to make another life we will celebrate with our family and friends at a bowling alley or something.  Not at somebody's house sitting on our asses.  *giggles with delight* I would never use the word asses on my other blog.  My mother-in-law reads it for pete's sake.

I'm feeling really burned out in the "real job" and really frustrated with my shop.  I think a lot of my melancholy mood is just brought on by the weather.  I hate cold dreary days.  I love being outside.  I swear standing in the sun or sitting outside reading a good novel is more energizing and mood lifting than anything. 

Okay see, now I'm rambling so I'll stop and  not even worry about writing a good closing sentence cuz this journal is for rambling.
Here's to random thoughts!

I feel the need to add a disclaimer that I really genuinely did enjoy every one of  those showers and in no way mean to offend anybody who has recently had or is planning a shower.